Committees and Working Groups

Committees and Working Groups

NDFTA has a number of committees and working groups that work on specific areas of interest and report back to the Board of Directors with recommendations for actions.  Here we provide a brief outline of the work each committee or working group.  Members can find details of who serves on them and current issues they are working on in the Members Only section of this website.  Members wishing to put forward personnel to sit on any of our committees or working groups should contact Cathy Grant, NDFTA Secretariat


Budget & Finance Committee

The annual budgets are proposed by the Budget and Finance Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.  The Budget & Finance committee meets to ensure that income and expenditure are on track and to consider actions to take for unexpected costs which may occur during the year. Their recommendations are put to the Board for consideration and voting.


Food Law & Legislation WG (formerly Technical Committee)

The work of the FLL WG is of key importance to our members. Divided into two sub committees to cover the areas of nuts and dried fruits, this committee looks particularly at issues and proposed legislative changes impacting the industry. Areas of work include mycotoxins, pesticide MRLs, pathogens, allergens, sustainability and ethical trading. FRUCOM play a key role in supporting the work of the FLL WG with regular meetings and horizon scanning for upcoming issues.


Arbitration Working Group

NDFTA's work on arbitration is covered elsewhere on this website. The working group was established to review the Terms and Conditions and consider whether any amendments should be made.


Logistics/Port Health Working Group

Formerly the Brexit Working Group, now that the UK has left the European Union, this working group is now looking at all areas of the transition, considering areas that are negatively impacting the industry and reviewing how we can best overcome them. This working group is supported by the work of the Food and Drink Federation, of which NDFTA is a member and Frucom.     


Infestation Working Group

Following some enquiries from members regarding infestation in incoming loads, this working group is looking into these issues as necessary and is now incorporated under the FLL WG.


New Membership Working Group

A thriving membership is of key importance to a trade association. This working group meets not only to consider how best to encourage companies in the trade to join the association to have a voice in the industry, but also how best to serve the needs of our existing members.


Events, Communications and Media Working Group

Looking at and organising events for the association and reviewing and implementing effective communications for the association, considering the best route to communicate our key messages to specific audiences, whether through our own communication channels or through other Associations such as FDF, FRUCOM or ESA.